Digestive Health: Relief during pregnancy

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How can I releive heartburn during pregnancy?

Digestive Health: Relief during pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a difficult time for some women when it comes to digestive health. Many of the digestive system's organs are pressed together as the baby grows and the uterus expands. This decreases the size of the stomach and other organs and causes a variety of digestive tract problems, including heartburn, acid reflux and constipation. While the problems are temporary in most women, the symptoms can be quite uncomfortable, especially as the pregnancy progresses. There are several ways women can help reduce these symptoms. The following suggestions may ease many of the painful symptoms: Eat 6-8 smaller meals throughout the day, which are high in nutrients and low in processed sugar and do not lie down directly after a meal. Drink plenty of water a day, a minimum of 64 fluid ounces, and more if you are experiencing constipation. While antacids can help with the heartburn, one side effect is constipation, so use either a stool softener or natural digestive cleanser. Digestive supplements and colostrum can aid in the relief of heartburn and other digestive ailments.



8/19/2006 2:02:44 PM
Ericka said:

Thanks so much for this information. I am pregnant, and I have been experiencing constipation frequently. I usually feel bloated, and achy everywhere. It's a horrible feeling. But, thanks to the tips on this website, I will now eat smaller meals and control my sugar intake. Again, I thank you. I am expecting to have a healthy colon during the pregnancy and after.


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