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How can I maintain a healthy stomach?

Maintain a Healthy Stomach

It is important to keep your stomach healthy. Not only will it decrease the likelihood of developing a stomach disorder, it will also make you feel better. Stomach pain, such as indigestion and ulcers, can be horrible to live with. There are several ways to maintain a healthy stomach and digestive system. Avoid overindulgence in alcohol, don't smoke, limit your caffeine intake, drink plenty of water, eat smaller meals more often throughout the day, and take digestive aid supplements, such as acidophilus, probiotics and colostrum.

What is the stomach?

The stomach

The stomach is the primary organ of digestion in the human body and is located between the esophagus and the small intestines. Food is digested through the use of gastric juices and acids. While some nutrients are absorbed in the stomach, the majority of that work is done by the small intestines. Common stomach disorders include ulcers, gastritis and stomach cancer.

How can I prevent stomach disorders?

Protection from Stomach Ulcers

It is believed that most stomach ulcers are caused by the bacteria helicobacter pylori. Research has shown that bovine colostrum prohibits this bacterium from attaching to the lining of the stomach, thereby protecting the stomach from developing ulcers. This is primarily due to the high level of immunoglobulins found in bovine colostrum, which aid in boosting the immune system and protecting the body from viruses and bacteria infections. Promising research has shown that colostrum can be a natural, passive way of protecting the body from pathogens.

How do I treat stomach pain?

Stomach Pain Due to Pain Medication

Studies have shown that long term use of certain over the counter and prescription pain medications can damage the stomach lining and tissue. New research on bovine colostrum is promising and shows that a majority of those taking the supplement have less pain and increased healing of their stomach lining and tissue. Studies also indicate that colostrum may help protect the stomach from future damage as well.

How do I treat stomach ulcers?

Treatment of Stomach Ulcers

Stomach ulcers are a small hole in the stomach lining and are caused by the stomachs acid eroding the protective lining. Family history of ulcers, smoking, excess drinking, improper diet, and stress are all contributing factors. Some ulcers are due to an infection by the helicobacter pylori bacteria. Treatment is two fold, as the bacteria needs to be killed and the amount of acid produced needs to be reduced. This bacteria is not easy to kill. A friendly bacterium, normally found in your intestines, complements the use of antibiotics in riding your body of the harmful bacteria. Probiotics and colostrum supplements have been studied and shown to be effective in killing h. plyori bacteria that can be a cause of stomach ulcers.

Is there a natural way to treat gastritis?

Stomach Disorder: Gastritis

Gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach, and can be caused by a variety of factors, including infection, irritation, autoimmune disorder, or a backflow of bile into the stomach. Common symptoms include indigestion, nausea, loss of appetite, and/or vomiting of blood. Gastritis can be prevented by limiting the use of alcohol, not smoking, and avoiding irritants such as aspirin and other pain medication. You can help support stomach health by taking a colostrum supplement.

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