Side effects of colostrum

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Are there side effects to colostrum?

Side effects of colostrum

Colostrum aids in healing and flushing the system of a variety of toxins and waste. Many individuals experience what is known as a ‘healing crisis', where they experience mild flu like symptoms. You may be thinking, ‘colostrum is supposed to make me feel better', and it will, as soon as all the old toxins are released and expelled from your body. While this does not happen in all users, note that the temporary uncomfortable side effects are paving the way for optimal health from the colostrum benefits.



9/16/2006 4:01:21 AM
dr. mustafa said:

did colostrum have any side effect

9/16/2006 4:03:22 AM
dr.mustafa said:

can cause protein intolerance ?


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